The appreciated visit of the Lycée Viticole De Montagne-St-Emilion

Defying the inadequate weather conditions at the beginning of April, a large group of teachers and students of Viticulture-oenology BTS 1st year of the Lycée viticole de Montagne-St-Emilion near Bordeaux (center of excellence and knowledge in the wine industry active for 50 years) was received at our factory. Being able to communicate in French with one of our managers, our guests were accompanied to view the facilities and production departments of Albrigi Tecnologie. The visit ended with a convivial lunch. It was a great opportunity for students to experience first-hand the know-how and installations with which, we hope, one day they will be able to produce Top wine in their cellars. Thanks a lot to the accompanying teachers and all the university students for their cordial visit from the staff of Albrigi Tecnologie.

الاشتراك في النشرة الإخبارية

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