Open demountable stainless steel tank ideal for transporting raw materials, waste, solid parts or processing waste according to the sectors.


Equipment designed to be connected, fixed or mobile (based on seasonality), to a road train and intended for the transport of substances such as raw materials (herbal medicine) or waste products from processing.

It is a stainless steel container suitable for transporting natural products of vegetable origin from the field to the processing industry and then loading the waste products and taking them to disposal.

نوع المادة:

AISI 304 L


Only to order

التشطيب الخارجي للخزان:

Marble finish

التشطيب الداخلي للخزان:

Mirror polished

التشطيب الخارجي للحام الخزان:


التشطيب الداخلي للحام الملحقات:

Mirror polished

المنتجات المعالجة:

Cosmetic herbs, Granular products, Industrial waste, Medicinal herbs, Recyclable products, Solids

  • Storage
  • Transport

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