Storage or process tank with horizontal axis, resting on bases or on feet; useful for storing liquids or products based on the sectors. They are usually placed both outside and inside buildings where it is not possible to place tall tanks. If requested it is supplied complete with frame. The capacities are from lt. 2,000 to lt. 15,000.


To store water or other liquids in environments or places where it is not possible to develop tanks in height. To exploit the space in height and to be able to move large quantities of liquids with the forklift or truck without transferring.

Total insulation, total cavities, large thicknesses to withstand temperatures and mechanical stresses. It can be supplied with PED and ASME testing. It can also be equipped with a supporting structure to overlap several tanks in the same space, always horizontally. It is a tank that develops horizontally to keep the weight low and balanced. It is equipped with a stainless steel frame that can be forked and stacked, in order to stack and store the containers, both full and empty, one above the other. It is also possible to load them directly with a forklift or crane on a vehicle to transport the liquid from one department to another or from one company to another, without transferring it.

Type of material:

AISI 304 L


Only to order

External tank finish:

Marble finish

Internal finish of the tank:

Mirror polished

External finishing of the tank welding:


Internal finishing of the welding of the accessories:

Mirror polished


Model on request


Ø and model on request


Fixed / On self-supporting frame


Chemical liquids, Cosmetic liquids, Creams, Essences, Essential oils, Liquidi alimentari, Perfumes, Pharmaceutical liquids, Pharmaceutical products, Water

  • ASME
  • Handling
  • PED
  • Storage

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