Stainless steel tank, specific for starting reactions at controlled temperatures and pressures. It allows to mix different cosmetic products at various pressures and temperatures according to the needs of the product. PED or ASME is tested. It can work in pressure or depression, it is equipped with a conditioning gap (with steam or glycol solutions) and with total insulation.


It allows to correctly control the chemical reactions of the process, to store under controlled pressure and to produce processes according to the customer’s needs. It also allows working under pressure conditions up to +10 bar and absolute vacuum, as well as at temperatures ranging from -20 ° C to + 220 ° C.

They are tanks built in large thicknesses and equipped with conical or convex bottoms (able to withstand stresses of temperatures and high pressures). They can be supplied with PED or ASME testing and are designed to work with an aseptic process.

نوع المادة:

AISI 304 L / AISI 316 L


Only to order

التشطيب الخارجي للخزان:

Glossy / Satin

التشطيب الداخلي للخزان:

Mirror polished

التشطيب الخارجي للحام الخزان:


التشطيب الداخلي للحام الملحقات:

Mirror polished


Conico / Bombato


Central / Decentralized


Model on request


Ø and model on request


Fixed / Adjustable

المنتجات المعالجة:

Chemical liquids, Cosmetic liquids, Creams, Essences, Essential oils, Perfumes, Pharmaceutical liquids, Ricotta

  • Storage

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