Cylindrical tank with horizontal axis designed for the transport of liquids with road trains. It is equipped with a saddle to make it demountable, so that it can be loaded and unloaded even when full. It can be supplied with one or more compartments, to transport different liquids.


To transport liquid, semi-dense and dense products at set and controlled temperatures, with the possibility to unload the entire tank full of product at the customer who must use it, and then reload it, once emptied, to bring it back to the filling.

It is a tank used to transport specific products at controlled temperatures and to store the product at the customer, in order to avoid both the purchase of storage tanks and the transfer of products from one tank to another.

סוג חומר:

AISI 304 L / AISI 316 L


Only to order

גימור חיצוני למכלי פלדת האל-חלד:

Marble finish

גימור פנימי למכלי פלדת האל-חלד:

Mirror polished

גימור הלחמה (חיצוני):


גימור הלחמת האביזרים (פנימי):

Mirror polished


Ø and model on request


Su sella

מוצרים מעובדים:

Cosmetic liquids, Creams, Essences, Essential oils, Liquidi alimentari, Milk, Oil, Perfumes, Petroleum Derivatives, Wine

  • Storage
  • Transport

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