Cylindrical tank with horizontal axis fixed on vehicle or mobile. Useful for transporting liquids with small or large vehicles from one company to another, maintaining a very low load and balanced weight.


Designed to be fixed or mobile on small and medium-sized vehicles. They are used only when needed, being removable, for traveling, even long, keeping the weight low.

الملحقات القياسية

Stainless steel saddle, lifting handles, Ø 400 cover with PVC vent, n.1 50 DIN valve for total drain.

They are low and long tanks, complete with load-bearing saddle to make the weight low and stable and to avoid load unbalance. Due to their horizontal shape they can be installed on low or sheeted vehicles.

القطر (مم): 950
الارتفاع الكلي (مم): 1300
لترات: 1000
  • Storage
  • Transport

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