Small mobile container, usable for the storage of small quantities of products, based on the productive sectors, such as concentrates and essences.


To store, maneuver and place small quantities of essences and concentrated products on shelves and, depending on the sector, to ensure the storage of various process liquids. The inside of the tank is colored white thanks to the use of food paint.

專案程式碼 001000004651  

Small airtight storage tank, which can be placed on a shelf, useful for storing different types of concentrates and perfumes; in this way it is possible to organize the raw materials warehouse in an efficient and flexible way, which is essential for the industry of every sector and size.

直径(mm): 500
总高度(mm): 1150
升: 120
材料类型: AISI 304 L
供应情况: 二手
储槽外部表面处理: 抛光
储槽内部表面处理: 镜面抛光
储槽焊接外部表面处理: 镜面抛光
储槽焊接内部表面处理: 镜面抛光
附件焊接的外部表面处理: 镜面抛光
阀门: 定制直径和型号
底部: 锥形/球形
脚部: 固定式
类型: 打开
  • 貯存
  • 移動