Specific fermenter which gently rotates the marc cap; the thermoconditioned inner shovel (Termostar) massages and gently moves the whole grape pomace upside down with each movement and vice versa. 


For the fermentation of great wines, of dried grapes, to make salassi, batonnage, cryomaceration and cold clarification of musts. It is the only fermenter in the world that can be used continuously for different operations, for twelve months; fully automatic. 


H. 1000 +100 mm adjustable legs, central manhole Ø 1000 h. 100 mm, n. 2 cooling jackets (H.750 and H.600 mm) with 1"1/4 connections, rectangular horizontal door slide 410x530 mm, mechanically opening rectangular bottom door, internal rotating round blade (1 tour/4 min), pumping-over pipe with DN 50 valve, self-rotary sprayer, pumping-over pump 2 HP, open gauge level, alcool thermometer, n. 2 DN 50 valves, n. 1 DN 80 valve to unload seeds/total discharge, n. 1 DN 100 valve, electrical control panel with PLC, thermowell with renforcement bracket, ladder support, sample faucet, inox identification label, lifting hooks. 

CODE: 003003000077

Diameter (mm): 2220
Total height (mm): 4300
Litres: 10000
Type of material: AISI 304 L/AISI 316 L
Availability: Bargain
Tank external finish: Floral
Tank internal finish: Mirror polished
External finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror Polished
Internal finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror polished
External finish of the welding accessories: Mirror polished
Top: Conical
Cover: Central
Door: Rectangular
Bottom: Flat
Feet: Adjustable
Type: Closed
  • storage
  • refrigeration
  • heating
  • fermentation
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